Roald Dahl Day

This Tuesday is Roald Dahl Day. Dahl was one of Britain’s most well loved children’s writer. The very first Roald Dahl story I read was James and the Giant Peach and I couldn’t put it down! I thought it would be great fun to live inside an overgrown piece of fruit and travel around having epic adventures. After that, I couldn’t read Dahl’s books quick enough! I think my favourite is Matilda because the characters are funny and it has a happy ending. Why not blog and tell us all about your favourite Roald Dahl book or character.

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Our first day in Y2 Purple Class

We have enjoyed our first day in Y2 Purple Class. We are happy to see new friends and meet Mrs Galloway. We have made clown faces for our reading corner. We crumpled tissue paper to make the hair. Some of us painted juggling balls too. Here are some pictures of our masks.IMG_1709 IMG_1711IMG_1710  IMG_1712

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Blog

Welcome back to another exciting year at Holy Trinity Rosehill. We will all make some wonderful memories this year and hopefully record some of them on our school blogs. Why not start the school year by blogging about what a great summer you had. Did you visit any interesting places? Did you chill out and relax? Or did you meet up with any of your friends? All of the staff can’t wait to hear your news, so what are you waiting for? Get blogging!back-to-school

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Show and Tell – Friday 23rd October 2015

Y2 Purple Class will be having a special show and tell afternoon this Friday. Children are allowed to bring in a special item/share some special news in front of their classmates. Everyone in Y2 Purple Class is very excited!

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Australian Music Workshop

Y2 Purple Class have had a very exciting day today. We spent our morning working with a man called Mr Harbisher from Tees Valley Music Service. We listened to Australian music, sang songs, explored the rhythms of some Australian words and even created our own composition to tell the traditional Australian story of Tiddalick the Frog. What a busy morning we had! We have a lot of talented musicians here in  Y2 Purple Class.


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Spelling Menu

In Year 2, it is very important that we learn our spellings each week in preparation for our spelling test every Tuesday morning.

There are lots of exciting activities to help us learn our spellings. Please complete any activities you try on a piece of paper rather than in your contact book.

Take a look at the spelling menu below.

What would you like to try first?

Rainbow Write – First, write the words in pencil. Thne trace over them in two different colours.

Silly Sentences – Write a silly sentence with a spelling word in each. Underline the spelling word and write neatly.

Hidden Words – Draw and colour a picture. Hide your spelling words inside the picture. See if someone can find your spelling words in your picture.

ABC Order – Write your words in alphabetical order. Remember, if the first letter is the same then look at the second.

Waterfall Words – e.g. c





Story, Story – Write a story containing all of your spelling words. Be sure to underline the words as you read your story.

Colourful Words – Write each of your words using a different colour for each letter.

Adding My Words – Give each vowel 10 points and each consonant 5 points. How much is each word worth? Which word is worth the most?

Words Without Vowels – Write each of your spelling words replacing each vowel with a line. Now, go back and see if you can fill in the vowels.

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what I’ve been doing in the week

when I went into purple class I describe our class doyo’s it was fun we got to colour our doyos and we had dinner we were last dinners from Beth. I like being in purple class

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